Kickstart innovation in your organisation!

Innokick helps your organisation stay competitive through innovation. With its unique peer-to-peer model, Innokick helps you spark the entrepreneurial spirit within your organisation and let innovation happen how it naturally does: bottom-up.

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How it works

Innokick is a web application that helps you innovate by harvesting the benefits of bottom-up ideation. It’s very simple—no installation required:

  • Sponsor allocates budget and launches exciting challenge.

  • Budget is shared equally among employees.

  • Employees provide ideas.

  • Employees invest their budget share in the best ideas.

“Where does disruptive innovation happen?
It doesn't happen in the big planned R&D labs;
it happens on the edges of the network.”

Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab

Innovation comes from everywhere

Innokick provides a platform that de-centralises innovation. It lets innovation evolve bottom-up through peer-to-peer processes and rewards the most valuable ideas.

Don’t manage innovation—provide the right ecosystem!

Spark the entrepreneurial spirit within your organisation by democratising the innovation budget. With Innokick, each individual is given real money that they can invest in ideas—the best ideas are identified and chosen through peer-review.

Innokick is made with love in Switzerland.
We guarantee on-premise hosting and full data ownership.

Version: 1.1.0-build-local